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Value Motors Rental Terms and Conditions (pdf)

Great value car rental in Boquete, Panama.

Value Motors Rental Terms and Conditions

At Value Motors we strive to deliver a high-quality customer experience while providing very competitive rates on vehicles for rent. To ensure you have the best experience, please review the Rental Requirements below.

General Rental Requirements Rental Rates: Our discounted rates only apply if all charges are paid in full in advance. Any extension to the original contract without notice will be charged at the daily rate, due upon return of the vehicle. The rates include Insurance; Tax will be charged at an additional 7% of rental cost. Please see below for any additional charges and for insurance details. Deposits: A deposit of $500 is required prior to any rental. There are no exceptions. This deposit is held by Value Motors until the vehicle has been returned, inspected and determined that the car that has not sustained any damage beyond what is considered fair usage. If the vehicle has not been used fairly, Value Motors will retain the FULL deposit to repair the car and cover associated costs. Reservations: To make a reservation a prepayment of one day’s rental can be made. Cancellation must be made within 3 days of the rental start date for a refund. During our high season, a prepayment is necessary 4 weeks before your arrival. 

Condition of the vehicle: Once the rental contract has been signed, you will be asked to review the car with one of our employees. Notes will be made regarding the condition of the car including bodywork, interior, tires and fuel level. A similar inspection will be done when the vehicle is returned and the condition of the car is checked against our records. We ask that the car be returned in the same condition. 

The following is not considered fair wear and tear and you will be charged your FULL deposit for:

• Exterior damage to the vehicle.

• Interior damage to the vehicle.

• Excessive exterior/interior dirt.

• Food and drink remains/stains.

• Smoking/ash inside the car.

Please note that Smoking is not allowed inside the vehicle under any circumstances and we ask the vehicle be returned in the same condition as it was received. If the vehicle is returned very dirty, the deposit may be retained until after the car has been cleaned in order to check the vehicle for damage. If renting for more than 2 weeks, we recommend you have the car cleaned before it is returned to prevent any damage or dirt build up. *Please note, if there is any damage to the vehicle, your FULL deposit will be kept in order to cover the repair; this includes materials, labor, lost revenue and other costs incurred while repairing the vehicle. 

Payment Policy: Value Motors Boquete accepts cash, Visa or MasterCard only. Time periods: 1 day is 24 hours / 1 week is 7 days / 1 month is 28 days Returns: All vehicles must be returned to a Value Motors location during office hours. Vehicles cannot be left at any other location. If permitted, there will be an additional charge for vehicles returned to a different Value Motors location. 

After Hours Return: Value Motors locations are open from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Saturday. If you wish to return your vehicle outside these hours there will be an additional charge of $50. Gasoline Policy: All vehicles must be returned with the same amount of gasoline in the tank, as stated in the signed rental contract in order to avoid a refuelling charge of $9 per gallon. Mileage limit: For daily rentals there is a limit of 200kms per day. For weekly rentals there is a limit of 800kms per week. For monthly rentals there is a limit of 2500kms per month. For each km over the applicable limit there will be a 20c charge. Clients must inform us if they are planning to exceed the applicable km limit. Airport Transfers: With prior notice, we offer a pick-up and drop off service between our locations and the airports or bus stations. Please ask at one of our locations for more information. Prices vary according to distance. It is the responsibility of the client to contact Value Motors if there is any delay. If the client is later than 1 hour after the agreed time there will be a charge of $30 per additional hour.

Terms of Insurance: Basic insurance – this is included in the cost of the rental vehicle. It requires a $500 deposit. It covers all major accidents that are not the fault of the authorized driver. Damages to 3rd parties are covered. In case of a major accident that is the fault of the authorized driver, they will be liable for a deductible of $2500. This does not cover minor damage to the vehicle. All minor damage that is sustained while the vehicle is in the clients care will be paid for out of client’s $500 refundable deposit.

Taking reasonable care: While the vehicle is in your possession, you are expected to take ‘reasonable care’. Failure to fulfil this term will result in voiding the insurance.

Driving Age: The minimum age to rent a vehicle from Value Motors is 25 years old. Failure to fulfil this term will result in voiding the insurance.

Authorized Drivers: Value Motors vehicles may be driven only by an authorized driver. An authorized driver is the Renter and any additional persons signed on the rental agreement. All authorized drivers must satisfy our age requirement, have a valid driver's license, and fulfil all other legal requirements. There is no extra charge for additional drivers. Failure to fulfil this term will result in voiding the insurance.

Licence - Please note, in Panama you can only drive on a foreign driver’s license for the first 3 months of your stay. It is illegal to drive on a foreign driver’s license after you have been continuously in the country for more than 3 months.

Rental to a third party: It is not permitted to rent a Value Motors vehicle to a third party or unauthorized driver. If the vehicle is used by third party or used for anything other than personal use, the insurance coverage will be void.

Failure to comply with all legal requirements will void the insurance and you will be liable for all damages.

It is not possible to use credit card insurance in place of our mandatory basic insurance coverage.

What to do in an Emergency: Minor damage - If you notice any minor damage to the vehicle while it is in your care, please call us on +507 6747 4275 as soon as possible. This may affect your $500 refundable deposit. Breakdown - In the case of a breakdown please call +507 6747 4275 immediately. We provide a breakdown service for our rental cars where we will come and get you as soon as possible (8am-5pm, Monday to Saturday). Please note, If there is a fault with the rental vehicle there will be no charge for this service; if it is the fault of the driver, the call out charge is $99 plus repairs. Please note, if you are driving outside of the Boquete/David area we may not be able to assist you right away. Accident - If you are involved in an accident, please call our insurance company, Ancon, on +507 302 4244. Ancon will call the police for you. You must wait at the scene until the insurance company and the police have arrived.

Emergency phone numbers: Value Motors 24 hour - +507 6747 4275 or +507 6830 0050 Ancon insurance - +507 302 4244 Boquete Police - +507 720 1222

Please note this is not a legal document. We appreciate your business and it is a pleasure serving you.